27 November 2019

Reformation of Corporate Philosophy 

-We aim to be a company that changes the world-

In light of the 24th anniversary of our founding, Works Applications Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director, Chief Executive Officer: Naoki Inoue; here in after “WAP”) announced today that we will reform our corporate philosophy in order to continue with further development and challenges.


Since its founding in 1996, WAP has questioned why Japanese companies do not invest as much as overseas companies in information systems, and has provided domestically produced ERP packages that can support Japanese business customs with no customization and free upgrades. We have continued to try to reduce IT investment costs of Japanese companies with our business model.

Today, approximately 400 corporate groups  are using our products “HUE” and “COMPANY”. To further challenge ourselves, we aim to not only reduce IT investment costs, but also respond to the diverse values and needs of companies so as to bring about a change in society, and become a company that will bring revolutionary changes to the world.

Three New Corporate Principles

We will enhance “company productivity” and contribute to the expansion of corporate value.

Improving productivity is essential for the sustainable development of society and companies. In the modern era, where IT dramatically affects the productivity of companies, the possibilities of utilizing it are infinite. By providing products and services that maximize the potential of IT, we improve the efficiency of business processes common to our client companies. This contributes to the improvement of corporate value as it helps client companies to increase the resource allocation to their original operations and strategically manage their businesses.

We will change the concept of “working” and transform work into more creative activities

While IT technology is evolving at an astonishing rate, the mission-critical business systems used within companies have not yet reached the level of dramatically changing human work. People working in companies spend a lot of time on non-core tasks such as data entry and cannot shift to core tasks such as problem finding and solution. We will transform our work into more creative activities by developing core services and providing services close to our users.

We provide “critical workers” with a place of success

We call human resources with high problem-solving abilities as “critical workers.” We have gathered human resources with these skills as we aim to become a group that creates new solutions and values without being bound by common sense. We will continue to create products and services that contribute to the development of society by having our critical workers find crucial  problems that need to be solved and providing an environment in which they can focus on solving them.

* “HUE” is a trademark or registered trademark of Works Applications Co., Ltd.. “COMPANY” is a trademark or registered trademark of Works Human Intelligence Co., Ltd., but they are licensed to each other for a certain period of time.
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